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Tibetan singing bowls are instruments that create different sounds and tones. Learn about the best singing bowls for meditation and healing.

Singing bowl.
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Singing bowls promote relaxation, stress relief, and sound healing.

They’re metal or crystal bowls that you strike or circle the perimeter with a wooden mallet.

The sounds have many benefits, including reducing anxiety, stress, and tension.

Their origins date back thousands of years to Tibet and neighboring areas.

Today, they remain an excellent instrument for meditation, yoga, and healing.

The following are the best singing bowls so you can experience their benefits.

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1. Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan singing bowl on a pad next to a wooden striker.
Photo by David Em/Relaxation Hero and Amazon.

Silent Mind makes the best singing bowl available. It features an antique design with Sanskrit characters.

Its diameter is 4 inches, and the bowl is handmade by local artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal.

It comes with a non-dampening silk pillow to place under the bowl.

There’s also a wooden striker with leather wrapping around one end to produce a lower pitch.

$36.97 at Amazon


  • Beautiful antique design.
  • Non-dampening silk pillow.
  • Two-sided striker.
  • Easy for beginners.


  • A 4-inch diameter means it has a higher pitch than others.
  • The bowl may slip off the pillow when you strike it.

What customers are saying

The positive feedback focuses on the beautiful design, powerful vibrations, and top-notch quality.

Negative reviews mention getting the wrong color and trouble balancing the bowl on the pillow.

2. Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan singing bowl on a pad with a wooden mallet.
Photo by David Em/Relaxation Hero and Amazon.

The brass 3.5-inch singing bowl by Ohm Store is handcrafted in Nepal. It’s small enough to fit in your palm and pack for travel.

It comes with a teakwood mallet, along with a hand-sewn felt cushion.

The set works together to produce beautiful and healing meditative sounds. It creates and holds energetic and clear tones.

It’s the best value singing bowl as it offers quality at a fair price.

$28.97 at Amazon


  • Small, sturdy, and portable.
  • Creates a strong vibration.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


  • Single surface striker.
  • Small size means it doesn’t produce the loudest or deepest sounds.

What customers are saying

The positive reviews highlight the incredible sounds and quality of the singing bowl. It’s perfect for getting into a calm and peaceful state.

The negative reviews criticize the packaging. The lack of protection makes it vulnerable to damage.

Some customers also point out that the sound is too low.

3. Himalayan Bowls 6.25″ Bronze Matte Singing Bowl

Himalayan singing bowl on a pad.
Photo by David Em/Relaxation Hero and Himalayan Bowls.

Himalayan Bowls is a high-end brand that makes some of the best singing bowls on the market.

The bowls are handmade in Nepal and shipped from California.

Their 6.25-inch matte bronze bowl is impeccable. It sounds soothing, powerful, and beautiful.

Himalayan Bowls has a different listing for each bowl. The brand offers a photo and sound clip of the exact bowl you’ll get.

It’s a top-tier singing bowl with long-lasting and healing sounds.

$149 at Himalayan Bowls


  • Comes with a red wool mallet, leather suede mallet, and cotton cushion.
  • Beautiful, healing, and long-lasting sounds.
  • Durable quality.


  • High price point.
  • You’ll pay for return shipping and a 5% restocking fee.

What customers are saying

Positive reviewers appreciate the ability to see and hear the exact bowl you want to buy.

Satisfied customers also highlight the quality, authenticity, and incredible sounds.

The only negative feedback refers to the high price compared to others.

4. Wish Well Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Singing bowl set and chakra crystals.
Photo by David Em/Relaxation Hero and Amazon.

Well Wish offers an excellent singing bowl set. It comes with healing crystals for each chakra.

The singing bowl has a unique design and is handmade by local artisans in Nepal.

There’s also a hand-sewn cushion for the bowl and a matching case.

The set by Well Wish gives you everything you need to heal and clear your chakras.

$44.95 at Amazon


  • Handmade in Nepal by local artisans.
  • Beautiful and durable design.
  • Dual-surface mallet.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • The sound doesn’t last long.
  • Crystals are artificial.

What customers are saying

Positive reviewers highlight the beautiful design and healing sounds.

Some also mention that there’s a learning curve. It may take you a few minutes to get it to sing well.

Negative reviewers criticize the lack of suede quality, as it peels over time.

They’re also disappointed in the chakra stones being human-made.

5. Dhyana House Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan singing bowl on a pad and next to a wooden striker.
Photo by David Em/Relaxation Hero and Amazon.

The 4.33-inch brass singing bowl by Dhyana House is handcrafted in Tibet.

It has a beautiful design with authentic mantras.

The sound is healing and comes in layers. You can also feel the soothing vibrations.

The set has a bowl, a non-dampening silk pillow, and a dual-surface striker.

It’ll take your meditation, yoga, and healing to the next level.

$24.96 at Amazon


  • Handcrafted and beautiful design.
  • The 4.33-inch diameter creates better sounds than the smaller ones.
  • Dual-surface mallet.
  • Gift-worthy packaging.


  • Sound doesn’t last too long.
  • Short mallet.

What customers are saying

Positive reviews rave about the beautiful sounds from the small singing bowl.

Satisfied customers also highlight the stunning and authentic design.

The negative reviews appreciate the bowl’s beauty but find the mallet too short.

Some also mention not being able to get the bowl to sing well.

6. Relaehih Large Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Large singing bowl and wooden mallet.
Photo by David Em/Relaxation Hero and Amazon.

The Relaehih singing bowl is on the larger end, as its diameter is 5.5 inches.

It’s a beautiful bronze bowl with a low healing tone. The bowl is also easy to get to start singing.

It comes with a dual-surface mallet, and together they create lovely sounds.

$55.99 at Amazon


  • Excellent quality.
  • Beautiful sounds with depth.
  • Great price.


  • Not the best cushion.
  • Some bowls have stains.

What customers are saying

The positive reviews applaud the bowl design and beautiful sounds. It has a low tone that heals your soul.

The negative reviews mention missing the mallet and receiving damaged items.

You can overcome that by reaching out to the seller for a replacement.

7. DomeStar Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Singing bowl, cushion, wooden striker, and bag.
Photo by David Em/Relaxation Hero and Amazon.

DomeStar’s singing bowl has a 3.3-inch diameter. It’s a handmade bowl that fits well in your palm and is excellent for travel.

The set also has a silk cushion, a wooden mallet with leather on one side, and a storage bag.

It’s a great small singing bowl that creates beautiful tones.

$21.99 at Amazon


  • Low price point.
  • Two-sided striker.
  • Great sound.


  • One of the smallest singing bowls.
  • Sound doesn’t last as long.

What customers are saying

Most of the satisfied customers are beginners. It’s an excellent singing bowl if you’re new and want to experiment with sound healing.

They also highlight the beautiful design, soothing tone, and portable size.

The negative reviews criticize the small size, as you may find it too small for the price.

Some customers also say that it’s better as a decor item rather than a singing bowl.

Frequently asked questions about the best singing bowls

How can you tell if a singing bowl is good?

A high-quality singing bowl has a metal or crystal material. Also, it should be able to hold its vibrations and sounds instead of fading. A good singing bowl will make you feel calm and in a meditative state.

Do you put water in a singing bowl?

Adding water to a singing bowl produces different vibrations and sounds. You can use it with or without water. Try both ways to see which you like more.

How do you play a singing bowl?

Hold the singing bowl in the palm of your hand. Use the mallet to strike lightly the outside of the bowl in the middle. Then, move the mallet around the rim of the bowl.

Final thoughts

Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls are fascinating.

They work as bowls for food and water while doubling as an instrument for peace and healing.

Now that you know the best singing bowls, get one to add to your meditative routine.

It’s an excellent way to go deeper into your practice. Afterward, you’ll feel calm and at peace.

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