10 Effective Ways to Clear Your Mind


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It’s frustrating when you have mental fog or are thinking about a lot. Learn how to clear your mind to make decisions and be at peace.

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Many things demand your attention, and you can’t escape stress.

Even when you’re alone, thoughts and worries fill your mind.

Other times, you’ll have mental fog and can’t get into the flow.

The key is to clear your mind. The following covers different techniques to do it.

How to clear your mind

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When you have mental clutter, life feels overwhelming.

A clear mind helps you make good decisions, feel at peace, and be happy.

The following techniques will help when you have too much on your mind.

1. Write down your thoughts

Journaling is when you write down your thoughts.

It’s an excellent way to unload everything that’s on your mind.

It allows you to look at all your thoughts and sort through them.

Journaling gives you insight into what’s behind for thoughts and feelings.

It clears your mind, relieves stress, and helps you make decisions.

Writing is a therapeutic action that’ll help build self-awareness.

2. Take a walk in nature

When stuck in your head, take a break and go outside. Take a nature walk for stress relief, focus, energy, and happiness.

Through sights, sounds, and smells, nature offers you many benefits.

As you take in the experience, it clears your mental clutter and leaves you feeling good.

It gives you perspective and leads you to remember what’s important.

3. Meditate

Meditation is one of the best ways to clear your mind.

It helps you be present and in touch with your inner self.

It can help you sort through your thoughts, clear your brain, and achieve clarity.

There are many types of meditation. Examples include mantra, transcendental, focused breathing, and mindfulness.

Meditation also promotes happiness and peace. After practicing it, you’ll feel better than before.

4. Listen to music

Your favorite songs can have a positive effect on your brain. They can relieve stress and boost your mood.

When you have a lot on your mind, play music to feel better.

It’s an excellent way to lighten up and take your mind off your worries.

5. Take a nap

Brain fog and overthinking can be due to a lack of sleep.

You won’t be at your best without enough rest.

An excellent way to relax, rest, and recover is through napping.

So, take a 30-minute or shorter nap to clear your mind. You can wake up with more energy and clarity.

6. Exercise

Exercise benefits your mind and body. You can lift weights, walk, bike, or dance.

The goal is to increase your heart rate and break a sweat.

It doesn’t have to be an hour, as 20 minutes is enough to relax your mind.

Aside from calming your mind, exercise boosts your mood and keeps you healthy.

7. Clean

When life gets overwhelming, clean your home.

Cleaning gives you a sense of control. It’s a therapeutic action that’ll relieve stress.

You can overcome brain fog or mental clutter by doing something else.

Cleaning is a productive activity that calms your mind.

It also gives you clean surroundings, further easing your mind.

8. Eat a nutritious meal

Food plays a significant role in your mood, energy, and productivity.

Take a break to eat something nutritious when you have brain fog or mental clutter.

By eating healthy foods, you can improve your brain function and focus.

As you feel better, you’ll also have a positive outlook.

It can help you make sound decisions and increase concentration.

9. Laugh

Make yourself laugh when you can’t focus or find yourself overthinking.

Humor can quiet your mind while making you feel good and stimulating organs.

As you laugh, you inhale oxygen-rich air, helping your whole body.

Watch a funny movie or comedian, or read jokes.

Find ways to make yourself laugh and feel your body release tension.

Then, you can come back to your task with clarity and focus.

10. Talk about what’s on your mind

When you have brain fog or mental clutter, vent to someone you trust.

It can be a family member, friend, colleague, or therapist.

By talking to others, you can get it off your chest. It can also lead to solutions, help, and new perspectives.

How a clear mind feels

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After trying the different techniques to clear your mind, you’ll know what works by how you feel.

Mental clarity means having focus, calmness, and a clear state of mind.

Your mind isn’t thinking about many different things at once. Instead, you can focus on one thing at a time.

It also means you have confidence, positivity, and faith. Your mind isn’t full of doubt, indecision, and what-ifs.

The methods to clear your mind will help you to be present.

It eases your brain from worrying about the future or being stuck in the past.

The present is all you have. As you realize that, you can experience mental clarity.

Final thoughts

Mental clutter is overwhelming.

It may affect your decision-making, productivity, and happiness. It can also make you forget things.

While worries and stress can fill your brain, there are things you can do to clear your mind.

Meditation, exercise, distractions, and rest are a few excellent techniques.

Try different ways to declutter your mind and focus on what’s important.

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