Should You Meditate Before or After a Workout?


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Meditation is a practice that leads to calmness, focus, inner peace, and clarity. You can meditate before or after a workout. Learn how to do it.

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The purpose of meditation is to connect with your inner self. The practice dates back to the Vedic times of India.

Meditation also offers other benefits, as it can calm or energize you.

How you feel depends on the type of meditation you practice.

The following covers everything you need to know to meditate before or after a workout.

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Is it better to meditate before or after a workout?

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You can meditate before or after a workout. Each time has its benefits.

Meditation allows you to relax, warm up, and prepare your mind for exercise.

It also works well in your post-workout routine. It relaxes you and improves your recovery.

Meditation slows your heart rate, which is perfect for cooling down.

Instead of choosing one or the other, meditate before and after your workout.

How to meditate before a workout

Your pre-workout routine sets the tone. Meditation is an excellent way to start because it prepares your mind.

It allows you to be present and let go of anything happening aside from the moment.

It also promotes better breathing, leading to more stamina and better performance.

Meditation before your workout helps you focus, reduce stress, and energize you.

There are different types of meditation. Avoid those meant for the evening or sleeping.

Meditations that focus on breathing, mindfulness, or energy are best.

How to meditate after a workout

After a workout, your heart rate is high, and your body is tired.

A cool-down is essential because it reduces your heart rate and regulates blood flow.

Meditation is a beneficial practice to add to your post-workout routine.

A calming one is perfect because it focuses on your breath and relaxes your muscles.

Post-workout meditation benefits your recovery and reduces stress.

How long to meditate

When you meditate before or after a workout, aim for 10 minutes per session.

It’s enough time to clear your mind and get the benefits without taking too long.

After trying it, you can adjust the time depending on your needs and schedule.

Benefits of meditation

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Now that you know you can meditate around your workout, why should you do it?

The following are several science-backed ways meditation benefits your mind, body, and soul.

Reduce stress

One of the top reasons to meditate is that it reduces stress. It also improves sleep, memory, and other things stress affects.

Meditation leads you to be present and understand what you feel.

It gives you clarity and helps you overcome challenges.

As you breathe, you’ll feel your body releasing tension and stress flowing away.

Improves focus and attention

Meditation relaxes your brain and clears your mind.

It’s an excellent way to overcome life’s stressors and busyness.

It improves your focus and concentration.

After meditating, you’ll be able to lengthen your attention span.

You can meditate anywhere

You can meditate anywhere and anytime. Also, you can sit, stand, or lie down.

There are many types of meditation. So, finding one to suit your needs is easy.

Final thoughts

You can meditate before or after a workout. The essential part is the type of meditation you do.

Before a workout, practice a meditation that energizes you and helps you focus.

After a workout, do a calming meditation to help you recover.

Add it to your workout routine and experience the benefits.

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