35+ Meditation Jokes to Be Present With Laughter


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Meditation can relax your mind and body. Humor is also an excellent way to calm down. Combine them by reading the funniest meditation jokes.

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Meditation is a practice that dates back centuries. The purpose is to be present and understand the forces of life.

As you meditate, you achieve relaxation and a tranquil mind. It relieves stress and tension in your body.

Humor is also an excellent way to relax. Laughing clears your mind and boosts your mood.

Get the best of both by reading the following meditation jokes. They’ll leave you laughing your way to enlightenment.

Funny meditation jokes

1. What does a dyslexic cow say when meditating?


2. What did the job posting say outside the meditation center?

Inquire within.

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3. Why did the meditator go into a gift box?

They were told to be present.

4. How can you tell if someone’s annoyed while meditating?

They roll their third eye.

5. Why are frogs so mindful?

They eat whatever bugs them.

6. What do you call a mindful wolf?

Aware wolf.

7. Why do meditators love going to airports?

They get free body scans.

8. What kind of meditation involves movement without speaking?


9. Why should you meditate if you have nothing to do?

It beats sitting around and doing nothing.

10. What do electricians say when meditating?


11. What happens after you apply to be a meditation teacher?

You have an inner view.

12. What does a dentist that meditates give their patients?

Transcend dental medication.

13. What does a meditator say to order pizza?

Make me one with everything.

14. What do you do if a meditator goes missing?

Nothing because they’ll find themself.

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15. What did the patient say when the therapist recommended meditation?

I’ll think about it.

16. Did you hear about the person that did meditation during a thunderstorm?

It was an in-lightning experience.

17. Why should you meditate with a map?

So you don’t get lost in thought.

18. Why did the meditator like the room?

It had a great om-bience.

19. Why did the doctor tell the patient to stop meditating?

They self-meditate too much.

20. Why did the meditator lose their job as a cashier?

They told the customers change comes from within.

21. Why did the vegetable meditate?

To find inner peas.

22. What did the salad say before the meditation session?

Lettuce meditate.

23. How do meditation centers find locations?

They look for zen-tral places.

24. What do meditators say when something happens for no reason?

Sit happens.

Meditation joke.
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25. Why did the donut meditate?

To find its center.

26. What do you call a potato that meditates?

A medi-tater.

27. How did the meditator describe the feeling of enlightenment?

It’s an out-of-bodhi experience.

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28. How do meditators tell others to be careful of their actions?

Chakra-self before you wreck yourself.

29. What do you call someone who meditates when they’re angry?

A mad-itator.

30. How do fish prefer to meditate?

They do fish-ualization meditation.

31. How did the meditator get lost?

They were unguided.

32. What did the two meditators do on their first date?


33. What does a meditator grab when it rains?

An om-brella.

34. What do meditators eat as a snack?


35. What did the meditation teacher say after the student gave up?

Co-mantra again.

36. What did the meditator believe about life events?

Everything happens for a rea-zen.

37. What did the meditator say when they see a friend?

Om so happy to see you.

Final thoughts

After reading meditation jokes, you should feel at ease. Laughter is a fantastic way to relieve stress and relax.

It’s a reminder not to be too uptight and tense. Be present and enjoy the moments.

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