8 Best Meditation Positions


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Posture is a significant part of your meditation practice. Learn the different meditation positions to find the best one for you.

Person meditating while sitting down.
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Meditation is an excellent way to become self-aware, reduce stress, and build compassion.

It also improves your sleep and mental health.

When meditating, your posture matters. It affects your comfort and focus.

The different ways to meditate are sitting, lying, walking, or standing.

There are several sitting postures. So, the following takes a deeper look at the meditation positions.

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Ideal posture for meditation

Example of good meditation posture.
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While there are many meditation positions, your posture will be the same.

The key aspects are your chin, hands, back, and shoulders.

Focus on relaxing your back while keeping it straight. Your shoulders should be even and open.

Also, maintain the slight curve that’s natural in your lower back.

Then, align your head over your spine and slightly tuck in your chin while relaxing your jaws.

Your hands can be in any natural, comfortable, and calming position.

There are meditation hand positions you can try, and they’re known as mudras.

Whichever meditation position you choose, check and perfect your posture.

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1. Quarter or half lotus pose

Examples of quarter and half lotus meditation poses.
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Lotus is a meditation position where you cross your legs with your feet on your thighs.

It takes flexibility and isn’t the best choice if you’re inflexible. Instead, do the quarter or half lotus pose.

Half lotus is where you cross your legs but only put one foot on your thigh.

Quarter lotus is sitting while crossing your legs. You may also know it as criss-cross applesauce.

2. Full lotus pose

Person doing lotus pose.
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Lotus is one of the most popular poses, and many consider it a classic. It takes hip and knee flexibility.

You start by sitting with your legs in front of you.

Take one foot and place it on your thigh. Your foot should be facing up.

Then, do the same with the other foot.

Do your meditation while holding the pose.

When releasing the pose, take it slow and move one foot at a time.

Then, extend your legs along the floor.

Visualization is a helpful technique for the lotus pose.

Think about a lotus flower inside your chest. As you breathe, the petals spread open.

3. Burmese posture

Person doing Burmese posture.
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The Burmese posture is like the lotus pose. The difference is where you put your feet.

Start by sitting with your legs in front of you.

Then, bring one foot in and follow with the other. The outer foot should be against the inner one.

The tops of your feet should also be pointing down, and your knees should rest on the floor.

A cushion for your knees will ensure you’re comfortable.

It’s one of the more straightforward meditation positions, making it excellent for beginners.

4. Hero pose meditation

Person doing hero pose.
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Hero pose or Virasana is a kneeling asana. It’s a yoga pose perfect for meditation because it’s calming.

Start on all fours and take a moment to notice your breath.

Then, bring yourself back until your bottom touches your heels.

You can also sit on a yoga mat or blanket as a cushion.

Roll your shoulders back and lengthen your spine.

Your head should align with your spine. Then, tuck in your chin and meditate.

After finishing, bring yourself back to all fours to release the pose.

5. Chair meditation

Person meditating while sitting on a chair.
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Chair meditation is something you can do anywhere.

It’s also perfect if you’re inflexible or have trouble getting off the ground.

The ideal way to sit is with your back straight and feet flat on the floor.

You can bring your hands to your chest or rest them on your knees.

To make it more comfortable, put a cushion on your seat.

Since you can do it on a chair, couch, or bench, it’s one of the most versatile meditation positions.

6. Lying down meditation

Person lying on a yoga mat while meditating.
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Meditation while lying down is straightforward. Roll out a yoga mat or blanket.

Then, lie on your back with your palms facing up. In yoga, it’s the Savasana pose.

You can also use a pillow and blanket to be more comfortable.

When meditating while lying down, get enough rest and avoid big meals.

The goal is to meditate, not fall asleep.

7. Standing meditative posture

Person standing with their palms facing forward.
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Standing meditation can be a comfortable alternative if you prefer an upright position.

To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Then, point your heels inward and angle your toes away from each other.

Bend your knees and get into a comfortable but firm position.

You can place your hands on your stomach, above your head, or at your sides.

It’s an excellent way to meditate anywhere. You can do it indoors or outdoors.

Standing meditation is also perfect if you spend most of your day sitting.

It provides a change of pace and combats fatigue.

8. Walking meditation

Person walking with headphones.
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Walking isn’t the traditional form of meditation that comes to mind.

But, it’s an excellent way to pay attention to the environment and relax.

You can repeat mantras or do breathing exercises.

There are different approaches, as you can do it anywhere at any pace.

While you walk, focus on having a good posture. Keep your back straight and align your head with your back.

Final thoughts

Incorporating meditation into your daily routine can have many benefits.

It can improve your clarity, calmness, and focus.

You can meditate while sitting, lying down, standing, or walking.

Experiment with different meditation positions to find the most comfortable one.

The best posture will also help you focus.

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