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So Hum is a Hindu mantra. It relaxes your breath and balances your inner energy. Learn how to practice the So Hum mantra meditation.

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A mantra is a word, phrase, or sound you repeat for meditation.

It’s a way to increase focus, reduce stress, and find clarity.

The practice dates back thousands of years. It continues providing spiritual and physical benefits.

One of the most popular mantras is the Sanskrit phrase, So Hum. It’s also called Soham.

The following is your complete guide to the So Hum mantra.

You’ll learn what it means and how to practice it.

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So Hum meaning

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So Hum is a Sanskrit phrase meaning “I am that.”

You may also hear it as Soham, Sohum, or Om So Hum. Each mantra refers to the same thing.

“That” refers to the universe. So, saying it identifies yourself with the universe or ultimate reality.

It’s the perfect mantra if you seek support, connection, protection, and love.

Also, you can use the So Hum mantra regardless of your faith and beliefs.

It brings calmness knowing you’re one with an infinite source.

So Hum mantra benefits

The So Hum mantra offers many benefits. The following are ways it can help you.

Reduce stress and relax

So Hum is a mantra that focuses on your breath. It provides calmness and relaxation while reducing stress.

The mantra helps you remove negative energy and promotes inner bliss.

As you repeat it, you’ll feel your heart rate slow and your body releasing tension.

It replaces your stress with tranquility.

Improve the mind-body connection

A fast-paced life causes a disconnect between your mind and body.

There are many distractions, leading to mental clutter.

So Hum meditation is an excellent way to strengthen your mind-body connection.

It clears your mind, promotes circulation, and helps you feel where your body is tense.

While you repeat the mantra, you’ll learn how to release the tension.

It builds awareness and the connection between your mind and body.

Happiness and contentment

So Hum is a calming meditation that connects you with the universe.

You’ll gain a sense of love and protection while being calm and present.

The mantra helps you find inner happiness, contentment, and bliss.

It’s also a way to combat negative emotions and stressful situations in life.

As you feel better through meditation, you’ll feel happier.

Improve cognitive functions

Cognitive functions include attention, memory, language, thinking, and visual and spatial abilities.

So Hum meditation clears your mind and increases clarity.

It also builds self-awareness and allows you to go through your days with focus.

In doing meditation, your cognitive functions gain many benefits.

5 steps to practice the So Hum mantra meditation

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The So Hum mantra meditation will make you feel oneness with the universe and a sense of calm.

Take the following steps to practice it:

  1. Find a comfortable place to meditate.
  2. Get into a meditation position. You can sit or stand.
  3. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  4. Begin to repeat the So Hum mantra. Say “So” in your mind as you inhale. Then, exhale while thinking, “Hum.”
  5. Repeat the mantra until you feel a state of bliss. It’s after you release your tension and stress.

During your meditation, focus on your breath. Maintain a slow and calm pace.

If you feel your breath speeding up, slow it down.

Your thoughts may also wander. Each time you notice a distraction, draw attention back to your mantra.

The duration of your meditation depends on you.

Set a timer or allow yourself as much time as you need.

Final thoughts

The So Hum mantra is a fantastic phrase for meditation.

It relieves stress, increases focus, and provides inner bliss.

The mantra quiets your mind and connects you with the universe.

It brings positive vibes and helps you be present.

Practice the mantra to find peace in your life.

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